NIR Series OEM NIR Moisture Sensor
NIR 6900 Series | Special/OEM Analyzer

Sensortech’s NIR technology is a valuable resource for industrial manufacturers requiring a system of measurement and control within their product. The NIR 6900 Series serve as a critical component of your distributed system offering a powerful arrangement of synergy. It’s compact and lightweight design fits comfortably in tight locations and provides valuable data used for numerous purposes.





NIR Series Tobacco Processing NIR Moisture Sensor
NIR 6800 Series | Tobacco Grade Analyzer
The NIR 6800 Series has been developed to address the specialized requirements of tobacco processing. From harvest to packaging the NIR-6800 Series satisfies these requirements of tobacco processing. Measurement and control of moisture, nicotine, sugar, and other constituents is an essential prerequisite for high quality tobacco products. Sensortech has optimized the NIR-6800 Series to accurately measure these constituents throughout the production process of tobacco in its many forms. 

Optimizing NIR technology for tobacco applications is a rigorous process requiring an exact optical sensitivity range, precision wavelength filtering, and application specific calibration techniques. Coupling these methods of optimization with Sensortech’s innovative NIR technology produces a sophisticated instrument yielding unmatched measurement and control for tobacco applications. 




Laboratory Humidity Sensor
NIR 6500 Series | Laboratory NIR Analyzer
The NIR 6500 Series of NIR Laboratory Moisture Analyzers facilitate methods of experimentation, testing, research, and analysis in controlled environments. NIR Laboratory Moisture Analyzers can be used independently or in conjunction with Sensortech’s process or hand-held instruments. 

Simply placing your product sample in the test bed or turn-table interface provides a static measurement isolated from variations caused by manufacturing environments. The NIR 6500 Series Analyzers are ideally suited for benchmarking your production process or for autonomous product analysis. 






NIR Series Chemical and Mineral NIR Moisture Gauge
NIR 6700 Series | High Sensitivity Analyzer

Chemical & Mineral Applications 
Particular applications having low optical reflectance properties are ideally suited for the NIR 6700 Series moisture analyzers. These High Sensitivity analyzers provide exceptional performance in the most demanding manufacturing environments and offer unmatched precision on materials normally unreceptive to NIR measurements. 

The NIR 6700 Series has optimized Sensortech’s NIR technology for mineral and chemical applications using high sensitivity hardware, regulated gain stage configurations, and application specific calibration standards. Maximizing sensitivity for these low reflectance applications have given the NIR 6700 the ability to provide accurate measurements for the most difficult applications. 





NIR Series Explosion Proof NIR Moisture Sensor
NIR 6400 Series | Explosion Proof Analyzer
The Explosion Proof Series of NIR moisture analyzers provide an advanced level of protection from hazardous environments and meet the compliance standards of most regulatory bodies. The NIR 6400 Series is suited for Class I, II, and III hazardous locations, as defined by the National Electrical Code®, and is accompanied with the appropriate certificates required of the classification including the nameplate indicating the distinct classification for which it has been approved. 

Sensortech’s NIR 6400 Series of Explosion Proof moisture analyzers satisfy a unique manufacturing requirement in hazardous environments where flammable gases or vapors, combustible dust, and easily-ignitable fibers are present. We are specialists in these sensitive manufacturing environments and provide quality performance where it is needed most.