PMT-330 Hand Held Moisture Sensor

PMT-330 | RF Portable Moisture Tester
Portable moisture testers satisfy a variety of needs across the spectrum of manufacturing industries. For more than 30 years Sensortech has been the standard of excellence in RF moisture testing and the latest version of the PMT-330 continues that tradition. It is very likely that you know someone who uses the PMT-330 on a daily basis.  

The design of the PMT-330 is based on the technology used in Sensortech’s IMPS-4400 and is similar to having a portable version of its advanced technology. Using a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement allows the PMT-330 to penetrate the surface of the intended target and receive an accurate measurement of its moisture composition. This is a powerful capability packed into a hand-held device and why it has been the standard of portable moisture testing for so long. 

RF Moisture Sampling Series

RF Sampling Series
The product enters a sampling tray or chamber where the moisture measurement is taken. A digital output of the Processor Unit is used to control the fill and purge method of sampling. Sampling Sensors can be found in production processes where a small sample is taken from a large flow of product or where it is not possible to maintain a reasonably constant flow of product over the sensor. 

Common types of Sampling Sensors include a Piston Purge, Air Purge, and Down Chute Application Interface that uses different techniques of sampling the product. The Piston Purge Sampling Series utilizes a hydraulic piston mechanism allowing product to enter the sampling chamber for measurement and purging the chamber after the measurement has been taken. Likewise, the Air Purge Sampling Series uses a similar fill and purge technique using compressed air in lieu of the hydraulic piston mechanism. The Down Chute Sampling Series allows product to fall into the sampling tray and purges the product with a blast of compressed air. 

The IMPS-4400 is an Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS) that employs an array of 2 inch Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors used to relate directly to the moisture content of your product. This array can span a wide area allowing up to 128 sensors to measure the true moisture composition of your product. 

It is equipped with a powerful set of software tools used for comprehensive data logging and statistical analysis that provides a real-time moisture profile of manufacturing lines having multiple-decks and multiple-products. Optionally, the IMPS-4400 comes with an I/O module that provides moisture data outputs to your Plant Master Control Panel.

RF Fluid and Paste Moisture Sensor

RF Pipeline Series
The product flows through the pipeline where the moisture measurement is taken. The Application Interface is made up of a pipe with attached sensor electronics that is integrated into the pipeline framework of the production process. An optional heater jacket ensures that the product does not solidify. Typically used with production processes manufacturing fluids, pastes, and confectionery applications.