NIR Series Food Grade NIR Moisture Gauge
NIR 6100 Series | Food Grade Analyzer
The NIR 6100 Series of On-Line NIR Moisture Analyzers are designed for food grade applications. The nickel plated surface provides additional protection from corrosion and largely eliminates the risk of abrasion and issues related to the porous nature of standard metallic enclosures. Its NEMA 4X rating allows light wash-downs, and promotes a high level of protection from contamination, bacteria, and other hazards typically associated with food processing. 

It is ideally suited for food processors concerned about regulatory compliance or simply wanting a higher standard for their food application. The non-contact characteristic of Sensortech’s NIR Series reinforces your processes standard of cleanliness and hygiene while maximizing productivity by reducing downtime with its maintenance-free operation. The NIR 6100 bridges the gap between productivity and health code compliance.